En France, depuis le 1er janvier, le référendum d’entreprise permet de soumettre au vote des employés les accords qui n’ont réussi à convaincre qu’une minorité de syndicats. 

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After increasing strongly and continuously since 1980, the number of employee shareholders in Europe was slightly declining from 2011, before stabilizing.

 All the policy decisions in various European countries, in a positive or a negative way, can be summarized through a single dedicated tool. This is the reason of the setting up of the EFES "Barometer of employee share ownership policies in European countries".


A national codetermination law does not breach EU laws on equal treatment or freedom of movement if it excludes workers in foreign subsidiaries from election rights to their parent company board. More ...

La part détenue par les salariés dans les grandes entreprises européennes s'élève à 3,2% en 2016. Elle n'a jamais été aussi élevée.


Source: EFES

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