The Glassdoor Economic Research released a new study, conducted by Llewellyn Consulting, titled Which Countries in Europe Offer the Fairest Paid Leave and Unemployment Benefits?, which compares the generosity of workplace social policies throughout Europe, using the United States as a benchmark.

 The report provides an eye-opening tour of workplace benefits offered throughout Europe and in the U.S. by comparing the generosity of social benefits in six key areas: Unemployment benefits, paid maternity leave, paid paternity leave, general parental leave, paid holiday allowances and paid sick leave.

If you are a incredible searcher, you can compare with other sources. The MISSOC Comparative Tables Database for example contains detailed information on social protection in 32 countries, structured into 12 main chapters (tables): financing, healthcare, sickness, maternity/paternity, invalidity, old age, survivors, accidents at work and occupational diseases, family, unemployment, guaranteed minimum resources and long-term care. Each table is divided into numerous topics (categories) dealing with aspects such as legal basis, personal scope, eligibility conditions, amount of benefits etc.

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"sortir de ce piège où l'accumulation des droits donnés aux travailleurs se transforme en autant de handicaps pour ceux qui ne travaillent pas"
Emmanuel Macron, Ministre français de l'économie (août 2014)