Transnational collective bargaining (TCB) has become a ‘hot’ topic of European industrial relations. As well as collective bargaining between workers and employers conducted at the sectoral or national level, negotiations on employee rights and working conditions now also take place at the supranational level, within multinational companies.

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On 10 September 2012, the European Commission launched a multi-stakeholder consultation on transnational company agreements (TCAs). It invited all interested parties to share their views, in particular on ways to support those involved in TCAs to achieve more legal certainty in the way such agreements are applied. Improvements in implementing TCAs and finding better ways to forge links with other levels of social dialogue were also an important part of the consultation.


Enkele ondernemingen kennen een internationaal sociaal overleg. Het is voor de meeste een onbekend terrein.

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La performance d'une entreprise repose à la fois sur des relations collectives constructives et sur une réelle attention portée aux salariés en tant que personnes
Accord national interprofessionnel du 19 juin 2013: vers une politique d'amélioration de la qualité de vie au travail et de l'égalité professionnelle.