A review of the impact that technology developments will have over the next decade on various aspects of business,including organisational structures, jobs and the workplace, customer interactions, and business models themselves. A report from the Economist Intelligence Unit.

 Some predictions:

  • Few industries will remain unchanged by technology disruption
  • Fore those who can master it, "big data" will become a business of its own.
  • Mid-size companies will be less comon in 2020, not least as micro-entrepreneurs profilerate.
  • The importance of middle managers, too, will diminish.
  • Job grouwth may be increasingly decoupled from economic grouwth owing to automation.
  • As transactions are automated and collaboration becomes more virtual, the purpose of physical stores and office will change.
  • Thanks to powerfull personalisation technologies, customer "co-creation" will become a major source of innovation.
  • The organisation of 2020 will be more transparent then ever more.
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