A review of the impact that technology developments will have over the next decade on various aspects of business,including organisational structures, jobs and the workplace, customer interactions, and business models themselves. A report from the Economist Intelligence Unit.

 Some predictions:

  • Few industries will remain unchanged by technology disruption
  • Fore those who can master it, "big data" will become a business of its own.
  • Mid-size companies will be less comon in 2020, not least as micro-entrepreneurs profilerate.
  • The importance of middle managers, too, will diminish.
  • Job grouwth may be increasingly decoupled from economic grouwth owing to automation.
  • As transactions are automated and collaboration becomes more virtual, the purpose of physical stores and office will change.
  • Thanks to powerfull personalisation technologies, customer "co-creation" will become a major source of innovation.
  • The organisation of 2020 will be more transparent then ever more.
‘Soms zie ik positieve elementen bij de vakbonden, soms niet. Hun rol is dus niet helemaal negatief. Maar ik erken zeker dat sommige vakbondsleiders de verdediging van hun leden verwarren met de verdediging van de staat, waardoor ze deze verzwakken.’
Franstalige socioloog Alain Eraly (ULB)in De Standaard 12 mei 2016