In the Industrial Revolution of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, one new force changed everything. Today our world is undergoing an even more dramatic transition due to the confluence of four fundamental disruptive forces—any of which would rank among the greatest changes the global economy has ever seen. Compared with the Industrial Revolution, we estimate that this change is happening ten times faster and at 300 times the scale, or roughly 3,000 times the impact. Although we all know that these disruptions are happening, most of us fail to comprehend their full magnitude and the second- and third-order effects that will result. Much as waves can amplify one another, these trends are gaining strength, magnitude, and influence as they interact with, coincide with, and feed upon one another. Together, these four fundamental disruptive trends are producing monumental change.

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Een bedrijf is als voetbal. De onderneming zet de krijtlijnen van het voetbalveld uit waarbinnen wordt gespeeld. Maar de spelers behouden de verantwoordelijkheid over het spel. Het is niet voldoende om de bal te vragen, je moet jezelf vrijlopen zodat je op de juiste plaats staat om te kunnen scoren.
Kristian Vandenhoud, Vice-President HR Atlas Copco